P O L I C I E S  A N D


F O R  A  S A F E  O P E N I N G


As a result of COVID-19, I have been working very hard in preperation for re-opening the studio and ensuring that best practices are put into place to keep us all safe during appointments.

I have completed a number of online training courses;

• Infection Prevention and Control for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO)
• Sanitisation and Disinfection practices and procedures provided by Barbicide.
• COVID-19 provided by Barbicide

I have expanded our already stringent Infection Control measures by adding additional disinfection and sanitisation protocols.

I have introduced further PPE for all parties.

I will use technology as much as possible prior to appointments to consult with you and book/re-arrange appointments to control the amount of traffic there will be in the studio at one time.

All the above will be done in an attempt to mitigate risks and keep us as safe during appointments as we possibly can be and to prevent the spread of COVID 19 and other communicable conditions.

Please see below a list of policies and procedures that all clients will be expected to follow upon attending your appointments.

• Please do not arrive early for your appointment. Unfortunately, I no longer have a waiting area for you. This will also reduce any cross over with previous clients creating as little contact with others as possible.

• All appointments will be staggered giving me time to completely clean down the room and get into new PPE before your arrival.

• You must attend alone, no friends, family or children are to attend with you.

• Where possible leave all personal belongings and extra bags at home or in your car. Only bring what you need. I would ask that mobile phones are left in your bags/coats and only answered in emergencies.

• Immediate hand washing upon arrival and leaving will be required. Hand sanitiser will be provided for you. There will be instructions listed at the studio on your arrival (see the guide “attending your appointment” for detailed instructions) so you can easily follow and I can direct you too! It will all seem very strange to begin with but we will soon get used to it.

• It may be a requirement to have your temperature taken upon entry. This will be taken with a contactless thermometer.

• You may be required to wear a mask and any other PPE deemed necessary during your appointment. You can bring along your own mask or I can provide these for a small cost of £1.00.

• Unfortunately, no hugging or friendly contact. As much as I am very fond of you all, we must keep contact to a minimum for everyones safety.

• Please inform me in advance if you or anyone you have had contact with is ill or you are showing any signs or symptoms. Your appointment will need to be re-arranged. New Covid-19 Pre-appointment wellness screening forms will be sent out to you via email. These will be required to be completed and returned to me 24-48 hours prior to your arranged appointment and will be requested for ALL treatments. If these forms are not completed and returned prior to your appointment, unfortunately your appointment will be rescheduled. These forms can be completed on a computer/laptop or smart phone but if you are having difficulties, please contact me as this is something we can do over the telephone and will only take a few minutes.

• If you tend to get chilly during appointments, please bring along a jumper/cardigan as blankets can no longer be provided.

• During your appointment no drinks can be provided so please bring your own bottled drink if you require.

• Unfortunately, toilet facilities will be restricted at this time.

• Please bring the correct change where possible or pay by card for your treatments.

• A lot of things will stay the same. All tools, products and equipment will be cleaned to the highest standard as they usually are but full clean down measures for the entire room have been put into place and these will be carried out between appointments.

• We may have a slight, temporary price increase during this difficult time, due to the extortionate cost of PPE and the length of time appointments will now take due to the new guidelines. Please check all prices on our treatment pricelist online.

• You may need to be re-patch tested due to the length of time it has been since your last treatments, this will only apply to certain treatments. I will aim to have these completed before we are due to open.

If you have any questions at all, please just ask.

I am really looking forward to seeing you back in the studio very soon. It has had a full makeover since you saw it last so I’m very eager for you all to come in and see my new working environment and can be re-assured that I have put everything possible into place to make your safety the paramount of importance.

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