A T T E N D I N G  Y O U R



Please follow the procedures when entering the studio;

• Please only enter when invited. The door will be open if I have no client with me. It is safe to enter and step inside onto the marked area on the floor. If the door is closed, I either have a client or I am preparing the room for your appointment. Please wait until I am finished before entering. When I am ready I will invite you inside to follow the next directions. This will stop any cross over or contact with anyone else.

• Place all belongings where directed to collect on your way out. Please refrain from touching anything inside until you have sanitised you’re hands.

• Please sanitise your hands with the products supplied on the trolley.

• I may need to take your temperature with a contactless thermometer. If the reading is satisfactory we can then proceed.

• Please place on the PPE that has been provided for you. I will already have on fresh PPE prior to every client arriving. Once you are ready with your PPE on, I will invite you over to one of the treatment areas.

• When your treatment is complete please approach the desk to make payment. Keep all PPE on until you are ready to leave.

• After payment, please remove all PPE and dispose of in the clinical waste bin.

• Please sanitise your hands again before leaving and collecting your belongings.

• I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your co-operation in keeping us safe during this time.